Current Projects

Current Projects!

  • End of the year recycling: End of the year move-outs result in a drastic increase in campus waste. We’ve begun a furniture drive to reduce waste and enable reuse. Last year we started a book drive, collecting over 1200 books and redistributing them back to the community. We are working with the SVC, Graduate Student Government, and Facilities to coordinate collection of clothing, school supplies, books, furniture, and other reusable materials for end of the 2009-10 academic year.
  • Reunions recycling: Reunions is one of the biggest events on campus and also has an equally large impact on the environment. Our project develops a detailed plan of the layout of recycling bin placement in Reunions tents. For the P-Rade, we provided waste stations with well-labeled trash cans and recycling bins. Overall this increased recycling rates by 25% at Reunions 2009. We are currently planning for Reunions 2010, expanding on the 2009 project.
  • Plastic bags: We have given out some 700 reusable bags to increase awareness of plastic bag recycling and reduce plastic bag use. Currently, we have placed green bins in the laundry rooms on campus for recycling plastic bags. We are analyzing the effectiveness of having the bins in the laundry rooms and other possible ways of reducing plastic bag use. We’re planning a pilot program with Facilities to install permanent plastic bag recycling and reuse receptacles in the laundry rooms.
  • Outdoor action sustainability project: Coordination with Rick Curtis to develop a curriculum for OA leaders to present sustainability early in the Princeton experience.
  • Freshman orientation week events: We are developing an effective residential education program for the freshman class each year. Currently, one of our main goals is to develop and finalize the interactive recycling game for the program. In addition to educational programs, a lot of trash (e.g. disposed packaging) is created during move-in week; as such, there is a lot of potential in coordinating recycling efforts during student move-in.
  • LED lightbulb research: The Undergraduate Student Government sponsored a CFL bulb exchange in Fall 2008. While this was an effective initiative, the Office of Sustainability was interested in newer technology, namely LED lightbulbs. The Eco-Reps took up the task of researching the cost effectiveness of providing LED lightbulbs versus CFL bulbs including quality of light, usability, cost, and energy use.
  • Water bottle handout / Brita water filters: Water usage and conservation has become increasingly important over the past year. As part of that effort and in conjunction with the campus “hydration station” initiative, the Eco-Reps funded a freshman water bottle hand-out for the class of 2013. In a Fall 2009 pilot program, Brita water filters were given out in Wilson College to help with the lack of water fountains. Both programs seem to have reduced the use of plastic bottled water around campus. We are analyzing the effectiveness of these two project and possible improvements.
  • Recyclemania: A yearly competition between different schools comparing the amount of recyclables collected to the amount of garbage produced. Though the measuring and submission of statistics is managed by Facilities, we have been involved with increasing awareness for the competition.
  • Waste audits: We are in the process of planning a waste audit of the amount of recyclable items put in trash bins in various dorms on campus. These statistics will be used by Princeton Facilities.

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