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Last Year’s End of the Year Collection

The books from last year’s End of the Year Collection were shipped to Better World Books last month! 37 boxes of books in total!


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Princeton Homepage

Our cell phone recycling efforts are mentioned on the Princeton hompage (campus sustainability article). Also shown is a photo slideshow. 😀

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Eco-Reps Spring 2010 Video


Click here to see our Spring 2010 video on Facebook!

For those who do not have Facebook, it can now be viewed on Youtube. Click here to watch on our Youtube account!

Enjoy! 😀

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Bike Generator

A big thank you to William Evans for putting together the bike generator for Reunions! In the photos below, we are helping William in this endeavor & putting the generator to good use at the 25th Reunion site.

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Reunions 2010

It was a tough few days and nights for Eco-Reps at Reunions 2010, but at the end of it all, so many cans, bottles, and plastic cups were prevented from entering the waste circulation. At least 70 large bags filled with number 5 and 6 plastic cups were collected and will be delivered to a special recycling facility at New Brunswick!

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Update: End of the Year Collection Drive!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for donating these past 2 weeks! We’ve had such an amazing response to this initiative.

As for the updated dates, donations will be collected until Tuesday morning (5/25). A few sites will remain active, but for the most part the bins will be unavailable for donation during Reunions.

However, for those of you on campus until the end of interim housing, the End of the Year Collection Drive will continue from June 1st to June 2nd at the following sites:


Thanks again! And have a great summer!

We’ve gotten so many donations over the past 2 weeks that we couldn’t even fit everything into this photo! I should have taken a photo of the other side of the room though- not seen are many more filled bins and two giant 4 ft. tall boxes filled to the brim with books. Thanks for donating!

Please excuse the mess in this photo! We are in the process of organizing everything in Eco-Rep’s storage facility (books, school supplies, toiletries, and food)

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End of the Year Collection Drive

Need a break from studying for finals? What could be better than cleaning out your things and doing a bit of organizing! The bins for the End of the Year Collection Drive are up! Acceptable donations include new/used clothing, unopened food, unopened toiletries, school supplies, and new/used books. Check out the photos section for more details on where you can find the donation site closest to you. (There will be 19 sites on campus, all with bins for each type of item.)

This is all for a great cause! Specific organizations have yet to be chosen, but items will be donated to local charities, schools, and churches. Last year, toiletries were donated to the Rescue Mission, school supplies to Willingboro and Bronx schools, food to churches in Alabama, and books to a Book Exchange initiative on campus.

Contact us at if you have any questions!

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